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We provide comprehensive advisory assistance to clients in the hospitality industry  throughout different stages of the hotel life cycle(s). Our services include initial site review & selection, market feasibility studies, operator search and brand selection, contract negotiation & renewal, ROI analysis, capital expenditure and renovation plans, acquisition and disposition services, asset management and operational analysis. We also offer financial forecasting, budgeting and strategic planning to ensure that our clients maximize the value of their hospitality assets.

HOTELINTEL Consulting can be your partner in different stages of the hotel lifecycle or be your partner throughout the lifecycle of the hospitality asset, always tailor-made to match your needs.


Source & Negotiate New Real Estate Opportunities

  • Proactively searching and sourcing new assets that fit the strategy and criteria of the client. This can be leases, management, franchise contracts, or acquisitions.

  • Gathering all the relevant and detailed information, including floor plans and historical financial data (if available).

  • Support in negotiation with local insight and knowledge.

  • Review financial projections and analysis.

  • Conduct site visits and other fieldwork as required.

  • Manage relationships with potential real estate partners in the target markets.


Feasibility Study - Market & Financial

  • Extensive local and international experience and network

  • Desktop research, site inspection and fieldwork.

  • Country, region and hotel location analysis including macro economic research.

  • Existing and future tourism trends.

  • Mapping existing/future hotel market supply & demand.

  • Analysis of the historical trading performance of potentially competitive hotels.

  • Hotel project market positioning.

  • Market and hotel financial metrics, including labor costs and other relevant internal and external benchmarks.

  • Hotel project P&L and cash flow projections.


Brand & Operator Search and Selection

  • Understanding of owner needs and product market fit.

  • Shortlist of suitable operators and/or brands.

  • Request proposals and review contract terms from selected operators.

  • Aligning hotel owner and operator goals.

  • Lead or support contract negotiations to get the best commercial terms.

  • Selection of the brand/hotel operator and contract execution.


Project Capitalization & Financial Structuring

Raising equity:

  • Individual investors.

  • Private equity.

  • Investment banks.

​Raising debt:

  • Secure the longest period of interest only payment.

  • Flexibility within loan covenants for any unforeseen external factors, like COVID-19.

  • Best loan to value ratios and leverage in a changing business environment.


Appraisals & Valuations

  • Residual land/hotel project valuation.

  • Highest best use analysis.

  • Feasibility and investment appraisals.

  • Property valuation.

  • Improve operational efficiencies to drive bottom line returns.

  • Hotel contract review and negotiation.

  • Evaluation of management operator or brand affiliation alternatives.


Asset Management

We offer personal guidance and support:

  • Improve hotel operations and increase asset value through carefully evaluated capital expenditure and investments/divestments.

  • Increase profit through active and hands-on hotel owner support, using in-depth local market knowledge and international best practices

​Creating the best value for you and your asset:

  • Ongoing operations review and optimization.

  • Hotel technology stack review.

  • Distribution channel management and pricing.

  • Rebranding/repositioning (incl. highest and best use analysis).

  • Restructuring/refinancing/disposition.

  • Hotel profitability analysis.

  • Performance benchmarking.

  • Contract reviews, fees & (re)negotiations.

  • Transactions/hold-buy-sell.

  • Multi-year renovation planning.

  • Hotel leadership evaluation.

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To discuss requirements call on: +47 48 301 680.
Or discover more information on the contact page.

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